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3D full-back massaging seat topper

Product Abstract:

Kneading, 3D whole-back Shiatsu, Heating, Vibration, Autotimer, Clockwise and Anti-clockwise, Automotive,Household and Office

Product Description

a)       Application: For full-back massage.

b)       Function: 18 massage heads with built-in heating, travel the full length of your back, stimulating muscles on both sides of the spine, help to soothe aching muscles, relieve tightness, promote blood circulation, and improve the quality of sleep. 

c)        Applicable area: Only 12V DC requested, safe and portable, you can enjoy the real 3D massage at home, in the car or office, or any other place.

d)       Parameter: DC12V, 2.5A, 30W.

e)       Autotimer: 15minutes, massage heads 29±3 turn each minutes.

f)        Safety: Provides safety protection with over-heating mechanism built-in.

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